Sir Sayajirao General Hospital (SSG Hospital) earlier known as countess of Dufferin Hospital & then Baroda Medical College is located opposite to Kirti Mandir.

The Hospital has 1513 beds across several clinical specialties and sub-specialties, with an annual average outdoor attendance of 4 Lac patients, an average annual indoor admission of 45,000 patients and a bed occupancy rate of 83%. It also offers select high-end surgeries such as Oncosurgeries, endo-urologic surgeries, laparoscopic surgery and plastic surgery. S.S.G Hospital offers a 24-Hour Emergency Service and receives around 150 to 200 emergencies each day. Its various laboratories run approximately 1000 tests daily and the department of Radio diagnosis has a daily load of 500 radiological tests per day. The Medical Nursing Home on the campus is a 22 bedded facility for patients requesting private rooms.

Location: Opposite Kirti Mandir, Jail road, Raopura.

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