Vitthalnathji Procession begins on Devpodhi (Shayani) Ekadashi (agiyaras). The procession is carried out in silver palanquin.

The Procession is taken out from his Temple at Mandvi. The Royal Gaekwad Family members are also present in the procession. The chants of ‘Vitthal, Vitthal, Vitthala…’ is heard in whole area. The Procession is kicked off with scent and flowers thrown at palanquin and proceeded ahead on round in old city area, Ghadiyali Pol, Nyay Mandir, Roapura, Kothi, SSG Hospital, Gahineshwar Mahadev Temple, Kirti Mandir, Bahucharaji road, Raopura Chimnabai Tower, Gandhi Nagar Gruh and then ending back to temple.

On its way, the procession also makes a stopover at the Gahineshwar Mahadev Temple. Prayers and rituals are performed during the stopover which symbolises a visit by Vitthalnathji to Lord Shiva. The ritual of Tulsi Vivah wherein Vitthalnathji marries Goddess Tulsi begins late in the evening. The ceremony ends just before midnight. At the end of the ceremony, devotees apply vermillion on the Vitthalnathji and Tulsi.

Along side of palanquin, the band blowing fine tunes of bhajans are also played. Childrens to Old persons are excited to see this procession and become part of it. People pulls the palanquin and wait for their turn.

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