Narsinhji no Varghodo or Procession is almost 277 Years Old. The Procession is always held on Kartik Poornima or also known as Dev-Diwali at Lord Narsinhji’s Temple located at Narsinhji ni Pol. It is celebration as of wedding of Lord Narsinhji with Tulsi.

The main murti that is worshipped in Shri Narsinhji’s Temple are Shaligrams. Salagrama, or Shaligrama, are black stones with stripes in the form of symbols associated with Lord Vishnu. Salagrama is considered to be an embodiment of Lord Vishnu. The significance of Salagrama is mentioned in the Puranas and the Mahabharata.

It is believed that the Shaligrams at Shri Narsinhji’s Temple at Narasinhji’s Pole were given to the then head of the family that runs the temple by a sidhha person who used to live in the outskirts of then princely state of Baroda. The name given by him is Narasimha, but it is a form of Krishna or Vishnu.

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