Shree Jummadada Vyayam Mandir is located in middle of Dandia Bazaar area, which has old feel. It is also known as Jummadada Akhada or Jummadada Vyayam Shala.

Jummadada, started the akhada in Year 1880. Jummadada were an expert in different physical disciplines and were also said to be an alchemist. 2 of their students, Gajanan Manik & Shankar Dighe, fulfilled their promise & started managing activities of Akhada. Jummadada taught everything they knew-ed to both of them. When they died Manikrao assumed charge of Akhada. Manikrao was given the title of Rajratna by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad. Manikrao also introduced disciplines such as lathi, lezim & malkhambh. Shankarrao excelled in art of binot.

Vyayam Mandir has building in which different activities take place. Vyayam Shala for exercise. The Wrestling pit outside Building with red soil with gadgets to make body etc. It is also said that this was first institution in India to teach physical exercise to women’s. Uma Sabha Gruh is next, which is just next to Vyayamshala.

The building also has its own room of arms & ammunition collection of Manikrao, known as Shastraghar. Many things in room lie in cases. Sword used in battle by Tipu Sultan, Maharana Pratap & Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj can also be seen here. Also Shivaji’s famous VaghNakh (shaped like claws of tiger) & Minto Handshake medal (given to Manikrao for curing Lord Minto’s pain in his hand) can be seen.

Akhada played an important role in freedom movement too, where many underground leaders were given shelters.

Time: TBD Location: Piramitir Road, Dandia Bazaar.

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