Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful sanctuary located in Narmada district.

The sanctuary is spreaded over 607.71 sq KM and has more than 550 species of flower plants. The sanctuary is almost filled with greenery, almost all the times. The Zarwani WaterFall is also located deep inside the sanctuary. It is said to be the deepest forest in Gujarat. Hilly tracts of sanctuary bordering Narmada supports some of best forests in state. The physical aspect is dominated by Rajpipla Hills.

Variety of birds and animals like flying squirrel, pangolin cats, sloth bear, leopard, 4 horn antelope etc can be found here. The sightings of various bird species, which have more affinities with Himalayan and Western Ghat, have unfolded a hitherto unknown, but interesting aspect of the area

Best season to Visit sanctuary is from November to March.

Location: Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Palchhi.

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