Pratap Vilas Palace is beautiful Palace located nearby Lal Baug. It was also known as Lal Baug Palace. The Palace is now bulding of ‘The National Academy of Indian Railways’ or ‘Bharatiya Rail Rashtriya Akademy’ (in Hindi), earlier known as Railway Staff College.

The Palace was built in Year 1914 and is adorned by exquisite carvings and noted for its architectural grandeur highlighted with columns and arches. Carvings of creepers, flowers, leaves, birds and animals on the columns make the palace lively. It has columns and arches drawn from South India, Central India, North India and Islamic tradition.

National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR) also formerly known as Railway Staff College was initially founded in 1930 at Premnagar, Dehradun. It was shifted to the Pratap Vilas Palace at Lalbaug on 31st January 1952.

The Pratap Vilas Palace was also known as ‘Lal Baug Palace’ in early times.

Location: National Academy of Indian Railways, Lalbaug, Manjalpur.

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