Kavi and Kamboi are two different places, which are spelled together, due to the famous Stambheswar Mahadev Temple, which is located between both the places.

Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple is situated about 75 KMs from City in the small town of Kavi & Kamboi.

This Lord Shiva temple was found around 150 years ago. The specialty of this ancient temple is its location in the middle of the Arabian Sea in bay of Cambay.

For viewing temple, one must plan a trip such a way that one can view full temple during low tide, after which it disappears as tide increases, depending upon times of high and low tide.

This sacred Siva Linga at the Stambheshwar temple which was established by Bhagwan Kartik after killing Tarkasur (as mentioned in Kumarika khand as mentioned in Skand Purana).

Location: Kavi-Kamboi, Jambusar.

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  1. pisal.sandip@gmail.com'

    This beach is risky because during low tides you tend to go near the sea water and suddenly during high tides water comes faster than you expect. Hence I request, do not go too much deeper in the sea for safety purpose.
    Writing this comment because same incident was happened with me.


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