Hathni Mata Waterfall is also a waterfall nearby city, surrounded by green carpeted hills with flowers and floras. A scenic beauty of falls and wet breeze with music of water gurgling and falling on rocks, will take you to another world. The Hathni Mata waterfall is located in Jambughoda and ~80 KMs from city. It is one of must visit places in Jambughoda during rainy days of monsoon. The name Hathni was derived by the local tribal community from the rock that looks like baby elephant in base of waterfall. Tribal community strongly believes in the Hathni Mata hence fairs are also held on some occasions, mainly in winter. Although, Hathni Mata waterfall is very popular among youngsters and local communities, due to location and seasonal rush, it is one of many unspoiled jewels of Jambughoda.

The Best time for visiting Hathni Mata Waterfall is during Monsoon Season.

Location: Poyali.

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