Gujjubhai The Great is a 2015 Gujarati comedy film directed by Ishaan Randeria. Presented by Nakshatra Entertainment – Baroda and produced by Devendra Patel in association with Siddharth Randeria Productions. The film is a comedy drama based on the super-hit franchise of Gujjubhai stage-plays.

The film is based on commercially successful Gujarati stage play series, Gujjubhai starring Sidhharth Randeria. Ishaan Randeria, son of lead actor Siddharth, wrote the screenplay and directed the film which went into production for one and half year. Apara Mehta was approached for the role in 2014 but declined due to busy schedule. They shot across Ahmedabad for 40 days including at heritage houses, Sabarmati Riverfront and Kankaria lake.

Gujju Bhai The Great - Movie Review
A good movie to watch with Friends & Family... Jalso padi jase !
4.1Overall Ratings
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