After the Janmashtami festival, there comes ten days for Lord Ganeshji. 10 days seem less to visit Ganeshji of city. No lane is empty without the Ganesha idol & decoration with theme. Every year unique decorations embark creativity of Barodians. Even several competitions are held to promote the same. The famous one being Pratap madgha pole, Marimata, Talfadiya etc. Even sweets in different modak flavors are prepared to add the excitement. Theme decorations mark political issues and children cartoon characters too. After enjoying 10 days, Idols of Lord Ganesh are imerssed in Sursagar Lake in city & different lakes in city.

While Immersion, DJ and songs play high on road. People say ‘Ganpati Baapa Moriya, Aavta Varshe Lavkariya’ which means that, come early next year !

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