About 16 km from Dakor is a Shiva temple of the Solanki era, situated on the alluring sangam (confluence) of the rivers Mahi and Galati where it is said lived Galav Muni Chandrahaas of Puranic fame. At present the lovely rocky bank of Mahi and the beautiful old Shiva temple on it has one spring of the River Galati constantly sprinkling water on the Shiva linga. Rich in art and architecture, it has a unique eight-sided hall. The walls have carved figures of Gods, gandharvas, humans, rishis, horse riders, elephant riders, chariots, doli (palanquins) and the events of a human life, from birth to death, are all depicted in these carvings.

It is said that lord Shiva himself constructed the temple, but because he didn’t want anyone to recognize him, he worked during the night but he couldn’t finish it before sun rise and left the temple as it is.

According to another story, Mahmud Ghazni came through this route after looting the temples of somnath and when he saw Galteshwar he destroyed the roof.

Time: 7 AM to 6 PM Location: Galteshwar, near Dakor. Photography is strictly Prohibited inside Temple.

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