Chandod ( earlier known as Chandipur ) is a place of Pilgrimage at the bank of Holy River Narmada in Dabhoi taluka. Its also known as “Dakshini Prayag”, because near to Chandod there is a “Triveni Sangam” of Holy Rivers Narmada, Holy River Aursanga, Gupta Saraswati. People sail across the river by boat to Chanod-Karnali, which is the most important place of pilgrimage on the bank of the River Narmada and all the rituals after the death are performed here by most of the Hindus. At the bank of Holy River Narmada, total of 6 Ghat exists. A historical ghat is Mallharao Ghat, which was built before 1000 years ago. It has 64 steps and is 60 feet wide. Mallharao Ghat is named after Malhar Rao Holkar, the father-in-law of Ahilyabai Holkar of Maheshwar. According to locals, the king’s most trusted minister once stole large amounts of money from the state treasury. The money was found later, buried under a sacred tulsi plant, so the king decided to use it to build the ghat & thus this historical ghat is created. Others are, Chakrapani Ghat, Yama Ghat, Harijan Ghat, Kapileshwar Ghat, & Swami Ghat.

Near to Chandod, there is other holy places are located like, in Karnadi (Karnali is located around 4 miles to the North of Chandod) town. Kuber Bhandari temple is well known from so long time.Its also ancients temple in this territory. Also at West side of Chandod, holy temple of Shri Gangnath Mahadev is located.

Chandod is nearly 58 KMs from City, which almost takes 1.5 Hours to reach. The nearest Railway Station is Chanod & Vadaj.

Location: Chandod, Gujarat. Photography is strictly Prohibited inside the Temples.

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